From the court of Louis XIV to Shippagan

“From the Court of Louis XIV to Shippagan”

A fringe concert presented by the Festival with the support of a local family business

Lamèque, N.B., Thursday, June 16, 2022: The Lamèque International Baroque Music Festival presents a very special concert thanks to the support of a family business in the community. 

"From the Court of Louis XIV to Shippagan”
Thursday, July 7, 2022, 7:30 p.m., Saint-Jérôme Church in Shippagan
Concert followed by an oyster tasting

What connection can there be between “airs de cour” sung at the court of King Louis XIV, traditional Acadian songs collected by a village doctor and oysters grown in the Shippagan region?  This is what music lovers will discover in this concert featuring Acadian soprano Suzie LeBlanc, recorder player Vincent Lauzer, violinist Marie Nadeau-Tremblay and lute player Sylvain Bergeron.

In a style that is reminiscent of Renaissance and Baroque music, “Chansons de Shippagan” are paired with “airs de cour” and Baroque instrumental works from France arranged for the first time for period instruments.  These ancient traditional Acadian songs were collected between 1950 and 1957 by Dr. J. Dominique Gauthier, a Shippagan physician, and published in a collection by the Presses de l'Université Laval in 1975.

Mallet Oysters (, which is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, is the main partner of the concert.  One of the three founders of this Shippagan-based company, Mr. Livain Mallet, and his wife Gilberte, were well-known and involved in the community.  Music was a central part of the life of this family of nine children. Mrs. Mallet was involved in the Camp musical et artistique, the Festival de musique de Shippagan - les Îles and the acquisition of the pipe organ of the Saint-Jérôme Church.  According to the company's shareholders, their support for this concert is a testament to Mr. and Mrs. Mallet's vision that is still present in their daily lives.

"We are honoured and privileged to have the support of this company, which will offer an oyster tasting after the concert," said Jean-René Noël, president of the Lamèque International Baroque Music Festival.  "This is how the unlikely link between French baroque music, Dr. Gauthier's traditional Acadian songs and Shippagan oysters comes to fruition!  

Here is a video of "Rossignolet sauvage", a song from Shippagan that will be part of the concert.

Tickets for the concert are on sale through the Access Box Office ( or directly from the Festival office by writing to: or calling 344-3261.

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