A successful 38th season for the festival

Launch of an innovative fundraising campaign and Mathieu Lussier back as artistic director

Lamèque, N.-B., Saturday, November 2, 2013: The 38th season of the Lamèque International Baroque Music Festival presented last July was very successful. This is what came out of the assessment of the festival’s activities made by the board of directors during its general annual meeting that took place Saturday, November 2, 2013, in Lamèque.

Successful 2013 season – return to a balanced budget
In his report, the president of the board of directors, Jean-René Noël, provided an overall picture of the year’s activities. “I am filled with pride for the incredible work accomplished by our renewed team. We were able to organize a series of high quality concerts in a very short period of time and with very limited resources available to us. Everything went smoothly, financial partners supported us and music-lovers were ecstatic after each concert” said the president. “There was a bustling atmosphere we haven't seen for a long time" continued the president, also noticing a 31% increase in the average concert attendance.

In terms of financial performance, the president presented the financial statements and was happy to report a surplus of $50,926 at year-end. “These positive results clearly show our commitment to managing the finances of the festival in a responsible manner. We made changes in order to make the way we operate easier and implement more rigorous control on our expenditures. I think that our efforts were crowned with success.” Season 2013 of the Festival shows total revenues of $120,725, a slight decrease compared to previous year. As for the expenditures, artistic and administration costs amounted to $69,800, a decrease of 56% compared to previous year. “These figures explain why we have a positive financial result for 2013” said Noël. “It would be premature to cry victory, but we can look to the future with more confidence. We still need the support of the community and of our financial partners,” said Noël.

The president also confirmed that preparations for the 2014 season are underway. The finances of the festival will most likely allow the organizers to invite more musicians and singers than last year. “We will still be cautious in managing our finances since we want to make sure we will be able to celebrate fittingly the 40th anniversary of the festival in 2015” concluded Noël.

Innovative fundraising campaign
Furthermore, the president announced the launch of an innovative fundraising campaign for the festival. Indeed, all those who want to financially support the festival will be able to do so through monthly automatic withdrawals from their bank account. “It is an easy and simple way of contributing to the financial sustainability of the festival. You only have to fill-in a form and specify the amount of the monthly contribution you wish to make; there are no user fees for participants.” The objective of the campaign is to raise a total of $25,000 in annual donations.

Mathieu Lussier back as artistic director
The festival president was also happy to announce that bassoonist and conductor Mathieu Lussier will be back as artistic director for the next season. “This is good news for the festival" said the president. "We are lucky to be able to retain the services of someone as competent and respected in the Canadian baroque music scene as Mathieu Lussier".

The 39th season of the Lamèque International Baroque Music Festival will be presented from July 24 – 26, 2014. Details of the program will be announced in the spring.

Official launch of the 2013 edition of the Festival - A 38th season presenting well-established musicians and rising performers

Lamèque, NB, May 17, 2013: The Lamèque International Baroque Music Festival officially launched the program of its 38th season this morning and unveiled the details of the three concerts that will be presented between July 25 – 27, 2013 at the Sainte-Cécile Church in Petite-Rivière-de-l’Île.

“Baroque, still!” is this year’s theme and celebrates the festival’s longevity as well as the continued support of the community and the commitment of the festival organizers to pursue the baroque adventure in New Brunswick, despite recent challenges. According to the president of the Festival Board of Directors, Jean-René Noël, this 38th season will present well-established musicians as well as rising young performers of the Canadian baroque music scene. “We are happy to release the details of our program and we invite all music lovers to attend our concerts in great numbers” he stated.

The opening concert of Thursday, July 25th, will be a historical event with the inauguration of a new harpsichord, especially built for the Festival and purchased thanks to the efforts of a group of dedicated volunteers, led by the founder of the Festival, Mathieu Duguay. Affectionately called the “Bach harpsichord”, this new instrument, built by Yves Beaupré, is copied after a 1719 German harpsichord played by Bach himself. Luc Beauséjour, renowned harpsichordist and long-time friend of the Festival, has been invited to showcase the beautiful sounds and the versatility of this harpsichord. “Without any doubts, this concert will be one of the highlights of this summer’s program” said Jean-René Noël.

The concert of Friday, July 26th, will be dedicated to 18th century instrumental and vocal Italian music performed by Ensemble “Les Songes”. The group is comprised of young talented musicians, with harpsichordist Mélisande McNabney who was among the finalists of the Mathieu Duguay Ancient Music Competition in 2010. Entitled “Agitata!”, the colorful program will carry all those in attendance from stormy winds to gentle breezes with music by Vivaldi, Handel, Corelli and Scarlatti.

To end the festival on a high note, the Mission Saint-Charles Choir, under the direction of Pierre Lavoie, will present a concert dedicated to sacred choral music on Saturday, July 27th. Entitled “Praise the Eternal!”, the program will feature some of the masterworks of the baroque era, including two motets by the great Johann Sebastian Bach.

The launch of the 2013 edition took place at the Lamèque Town Hall. Details of all concert programs are available on the Festival Web Site at: www.festivalbaroque.com. Concert tickets are available for purchase.

Target reached for important fund-raising campaign

Thanks to the support of the community, the 37th edition of the festival will take place as planned

Lamèque, NB, April 10, 2012: The Board of Directors of the Lamèque International Baroque Music Festival is proud to report that the fund-raising campaign launched last October has met its goal. The campaign's objective was to raise $20,000 in order to secure enough funds to allow the presentation of the next edition of the festival, slated to happen from July 26 - 28, 2012.

"I am happy to inform the community that our fund-raising campaign has been successful and that we were able to raise a total of $20,572" said Jean-René Noël, president of the Board of Directors. "I extend a most heartfelt thank-you to the board members who were instrumental in the success of this campaign. Many thanks to all individuals, businesses and public sector organizations for their most generous financial contribution and for supporting a unique cultural event in eastern Canada" he said.

Although the 37th edition of the Lamèque International Baroque Music Festival will take place this summer as planned, the president wants to stress the importance of working on a continuous basis to fund the festival adequately and ensure its long-term survival. "After experiencing a few years with a deficit, we showed a slight surplus last year. This indicates that we are on the road to financial recovery. Hopefully we will be able to increase our operating capitals and build a financial cushion as a safety net for future years" concluded the president.

The Town of Lamèque supports the Lamèque International Baroque Music Festival

$1000 contribution to the fund-raising campaign

Lamèque, NB, March 27, 2012: The Lamèque International Baroque Music Festival is happy to count on the support of the Town of Lamèque to its fund-raising campaign launched last fall. The objective of this campaign was to raise enough funds in order to secure the presentation of the 37th edition of the festival in July 2012.

A cheque presentation ceremony was held recently at the Lamèque Town Hall during a public meeting of the town council. During that occasion, the municipality officially announced a $1000 contribution.

The president of the Board of Directors of the Lamèque International Baroque Music Festival, Mr. Jean-René Noël, is very happy about this contribution. “I would like to extend a heartfelt thank-you to the Town of Lamèque for their financial contribution and ongoing support to the festival. By working together and putting forward concrete actions I am confident that we can ensure a long future for the festival, a unique cultural event in eastern Canada.”

Pictured, is the mayor of Lamèque, Mr. Rénald Haché, presenting the cheque to Mrs. Marie-Anne Ferron, Board member and Town of Lamèque representative.

Mission accomplished for the 2011 edition: musical success and balanced budget

Annual General Meeting of the Festival held on January 21, 2012

Lamèque, NB, January 21, 2012: The administrators of the Lamèque International Baroque Music Festival made a positive evaluation of the 2011 edition during their Annual General Meeting, held on January 21, 2012.

In his report, the artistic director, Mr. Mathieu Lussier, expressed his satisfaction with the overall quality of the concerts and the support of the public. “The opening concert featuring the choir and the orchestra was certainly a highlight of last year’s festival. I was particularly impressed by the degree of preparation of the choir. They were proud to show their ability in a very demanding repertoire” said Mr. Lussier, also noting the excellent work done by the conductor, Mr. Pierre Lavoie. In terms of audience numbers, it was noted that the overall 2011 concert attendance was stable in comparison with the previous year despite the fact that there was one concert less. “This is good news because it shows that there was an increase in the average attendance for each concert” he continued.

For his part, the chairperson of the Board of Directors delivered a positive evaluation of the work done over the past few months to develop a closer relationship with the community and ensure adequate funding for the festival. “I am happy to announce that, for the first time since 2006, we were able to present a festival within a balanced budget. Our financial statements show a surplus of $6,248 at year-end” said Mr. Jean-René Noël. According to the chairperson, this positive financial outcome is mainly the result of the hard work of the artistic director and the administrative director who worked relentlessly to organize a festival within the limits of a very tight budget. “But we have reached the minimum level of budget funding to be able to organize a festival” he warned. “The Board of Directors needs the support of the community if we want to secure sustainable financing for the Lamèque International Baroque Music Festival, a unique cultural event in New Brunswick. New long-term support ideas and solutions must be found” he concluded.

The 37th edition of the Lamèque International Baroque Music Festival will be presented from July 26 – 28, 2012. Details about the official program will be released in May 2012.

Christmas Concert Presented by the Lamèque International Baroque Music Festival

Three Choirs Join Forces In A Fundraising Concert

Lamèque, NB, November 4, 2011 - The Lamèque International Baroque Music Festival is happy to announce the presentation of a Christmas Fundraising Concert, on Saturday, November 26, 2011, at 8:00 p.m., at Saint-Jérôme Church, in Shippagan. La Mission Saint-Charles, the festival's official choir, will share the stage with the Chorale Sormany of Lamèque and Choeur du Vieux Moulin of Shippagan.

The walls of Saint-Jérôme Church in Shippagan will resonate with the sounds of voices and pipe organ as each choir will present a selection of their most beautiful Christmas Carols. To end the concert in a grand finale display, all three choirs will join together - close to 70 singers - to present a few pieces. The program will feature a selection of well-know traditional carols, such as Adeste Fideles, Holy Night, and Angels We Have Heard on High, as well as works by great classical composers such as Haendel and Berlioz.

This Fundraising Concert is a major activity of the fundraising campaign launched by the festival on October 13, 2011. "We are very happy to count on the participation of the Lamèque and Shippagan choirs to this concert in addition to our official choir, La Mission Saint-Charles" said Mathieu Lussier, the artistic director of the festival. "It is a clear sign that the community really supports the festival. I invite young and old alike to attend the concert of November 26th. We wanted the event to be family oriented, so this is why admission is free for children 12 and under accompanied by an adult."

La Mission Saint-Charles Choir will be under the direction of its usual conductor, Mr. Pierre Lavoie, and accompanied at the organ by Mr. Yvan Leblond. As for the Choeur du Vieux Moulin, the group will be under the direction of Mrs. Gabrielle Mazerolle and accompanied at the organ by Mr. Daniel Duguay. Lastly, the Chorale Sormany will be conducted by Mr. Pierre McGraw and accompanied at the organ by Mr. Mathieu Duguay. It is to be noted that Mr. Mathieu Duguay is the founder of the Lamèque International Baroque Music Festival.

Tickets, all at $15, are available from choir members and at the door the evening of the concert. They are also on sale at the Lamèque Convenience Store (Dépanneur Lamèque), the Pélagie Bookstores in Shippagan and Caraquet, and Le Bouquin Bookstore in Tracadie-Sheila. For additional information, dial 344-5846.

Fund-raising campaign by the Lamèque International Baroque Music Festival

In order to pursue the Baroque adventure in New Brunswick and keep alive the dream of Mathieu Duguay

Lamèque, NB, October 17, 2011 - The Lamèque International Baroque Music Festival is announcing the launch of a fund-raising campaign to take place this fall. The objective of this campaign is to raise $20,000 by November 15, 2011, in order to secure enough funds to be able to present the 37th edition of the festival next summer.

According to Jean-René Noël, the president of the festival Board of Directors, the musical event has been supported by many financial partners over the years, from both the public and private sectors. "However, once again we have to seek the support of the community to be able to pursue our mission" he said. "Our festival is an artistic success, we are well-known and have been present on the provincial and national artistic scenes for 36 years now. But despite all this, the future of the festival is not assured. Over the past few years, it has been increasingly difficult to raise enough money in order to fund adequately the festival. This is the reason why the Board of Directors has decided to launch this fund-raising campaign." The additional funds will allow the festival to stay in operation until next spring and to prepare the 2012 edition with a little more confidence.

On the long-term, the money raised will also help secure the financial future of the festival, given the fact that the last edition was presented within a balanced budget. During the last two months, the Board of Directors has already raised $10,000. "Throughout the next few weeks, we will increase our efforts and actively campaign to seek the financial support of businesses and individuals across the Acadian Peninsula and elsewhere in New Brunswick. We call upon the generosity of the community to grant us their support" said Mr. Noël.

Mathieu Lussier, the artistic director of the festival, believes it is of the utmost importance to work together in order to maintain and develop such an exceptional cultural even in a remote area. "The support we have had thus far clearly shows that people recognize how important our festival is for the economy and culture of the communities of the area" said Lussier. "The Lamèque International Baroque Music Festival was founded by Mr. Mathieu Duguay. It is the visionary dream of someone who contributed to build this community. We want to pursue the Baroque adventure in New Brunswick and keep his dream alive so that baroque music can resonate for many years to come" said Lussier in closing.

Anyone interested in contributing to our fund-raising campaign can contact the festival office, located in Lamèque, telephone number: 506-344-5846.

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